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Why Entrust Us With Your Architectural Design Needs?

Personalized Approach: Each project is unique. By deeply understanding your aspirations and requirements, we create designs that mirror your individuality.

Multidisciplinary Team: Our diverse team of architects, planners, and designers collaborates seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and holistic design outcome.

Global Influences, Local Sensibilities: While our designs draw inspiration from global trends, they are firmly rooted in local culture and context.

Commitment to Excellence: Quality is non-negotiable. From the initial sketches to detailed plans, every aspect is meticulously crafted.

Residential Design

From cozy family homes to sprawling estates, we interpret your vision of a haven and transform it into tangible structures.

Commercial Design

Understanding the dynamics of business spaces, we focus on creating designs that foster productivity, collaboration, and brand ethos.

Sustainable & Green Design

With a forward-thinking approach, we incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials, championing structures that not only respect but also enhance their environment.

Adaptive Reuse & Restoration

Breathing new life into historic structures, we ensure they preserve their essence while adapting to contemporary needs.

Beyond the buildings, we sculpt the land, creating outdoor spaces that soothe, inspire, and delight.

Our advanced digital tools allow clients to virtually step into their projects, offering a comprehensive view of the final outcome before the first brick is laid.


3 Simple Steps to Process

Navigating the path to your architectural dream with BD M&C is simplified into three fundamental steps. Each process ensures clarity, personalization, and precision, making your architectural journey an experience of ease and excellence.


Contact our team through email, phone, or our online portal. Schedule an initial consultation at a time that's convenient for you.

During this face-to-face or virtual meeting, share your ideas, aspirations, and requirements. Our team will discuss preliminary concepts, potential challenges, and outline the project scope. Bring along any reference materials, sketches, or inspirations that encapsulate your vision.

Post consultation, we'll present a tailored proposal, inclusive of design approach, timeline, and estimated costs. Once mutually agreed upon, we'll formalize our partnership with a service agreement.


Site Analysis & Research
Our team visits the project site, if applicable, for an in-depth analysis. This includes understanding the terrain, environment, and any specific conditions that might influence the design.

Collaborative Design Sessions
Engage in interactive sessions with our architects. These collaborations ensure that the evolving design aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Preliminary Designs & Revisions
We present initial design drafts, incorporating feedback and making necessary revisions until you're completely satisfied.

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Detailed Design & Documentation
Once the design is approved, we delve into detailed architectural plans, complete with specifications, materials, and other pertinent details.

3D Visualization
Experience your project virtually through our advanced 3D models and renders. This step ensures that the design resonates with your vision in every dimension.

Handover & Support
We provide you with a comprehensive set of documents, ready for construction. Even after this, our team remains at your service for any queries, further modifications, or assistance during the construction phase.

At BD M&C, architectural design is more than just blueprints—it’s the realization of dreams, an art form that weaves together aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Our commitment lies in shaping spaces that resonate with individual desires while making a profound statement to the world outside.

An architect brings a wealth of knowledge about design principles, building codes, and structural integrity. Their expertise ensures that your project will be safe, functional, and aesthetically appealing.

Architects are trained to see the potential in spaces and can provide innovative solutions to fully utilize every square inch, ensuring that no area is wasted.

With a detailed plan in place, wastage of materials is minimized. Architects can also suggest cost-effective materials and construction methods without compromising on quality.

Modern architectural services often focus on creating green buildings that reduce energy consumption, incorporate renewable energy sources, and decrease overall carbon footprints.

Architects ensure that a structure isn’t just functional but also reflects the client’s personal style and the character of its surroundings.

A well-designed structure, be it residential or commercial, typically commands a higher market value.

Architects are well-versed in local building codes and regulations. They can help navigate the often complex process of securing building permits, ensuring that the construction is compliant with local laws.

We Value your Ideas


Having a professional manage the intricacies of design, planning, and coordination with contractors can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety associated with building or renovating a structure.